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Welcome to Dan Becker's Miniatures and Models Site, a personal web site with articles on gaming, painting, and making terrain for miniatures games. I've enjoyed playing with miniatures since I was very young. Remember the old comic book toy soldiers games such as Gold Crown and Cannonball from the Helen of Toy company? Similarly, I've always enjoyed modeling and board and card games as well. These pages are dedicated to miniatures gaming, bringing many of my hobbies together.

On the left side is a navigation menu for reading the miniatures-related topics. Here is a brief description of each section:

  • 28mm Figures - photos and painting 28 and 25 mm miniatures.
  • 15mm Armies - photos and painting 15 mm armies.
  • Terrain - building and painting gaming terrain and dice towers.
  • Britannia - a project to make a large miniatures version of Lewis Pulsipher's board game.
  • Flames of War - photos and miniatures related to this World War II game.
  • Hagbard and Hrothgar - a miniatures-based Dark Ages comic.
  • Other Stuff - articles about rules, different scales, and various other items.

Some Reference Pages

  • Mini Data - a detailed list of minis, manufacturers, and scales on this site.
  • Paint Data - a detailed list of paint, manufacturers, swatch charts, and info.

Miniatures Articles

Enjoy the site.

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