Dan Becker's Medieval Party 28mm Figures

This article describes a Medieval party or wedding celebration with 28mm figures from Eureka Miniatures and Mirilton Minis. The Eureka minis consist of the Medieval Band (12 figures) and Medieval Feast (18 figures). The Mililton minis consist of Medieval Dancing Girls (9 figures) and various Medieval Lords and Ladies (7 figures).

Back in 2006 I also did a number of Medieval figures in my articles on Mirilton Medieval Tavern and Duke's Banquet and also Steve Barber Models Knights at Tournament.

Scroll to read the story and see smaller photos. Click on the photos for a gallery of all the larger images.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the photographs and the details of these making and painting this scene and these 28mm figures. I have so many war related figures, it is nice to paint a batch of celebrating and happy Middle Age folk at their big party. Thanks for reading about my latest miniature figures.