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Welcome to Dan Becker's Model Trains Site, a personal web site with articles on model trains, track layout and scenery. When I was younger I had an HO scale model train set. It did not have any scenery, but with a few intersections, it became a great obstacle for the HO model slot car races we had. Boy was that fun. Now after many years, I've taken a bit of a diversion from the other hobbies on the site, and I have been completely surprised at enjoyment I am getting from running trains and making scenery.

Articles on this section of the site are listed below.

What's Here?

Below is a list of the articles I have written on my model train layout. It's broken up into pieces, but there are lots of photos and some helpful links to the products I am using. More articles are on the way

If you like these articles on trains, you might also like Mark Peterson's site. He has photographed and written many pages on his interesting train layouts.

Enjoy the site.

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