Today's Weather in Austin

Welcome to Dan Becker's Austin Weather Page. We do lots of running, biking, and swimming, and other outdoor sports here in Austin, so we need to know the weather. Thanks to the internet, the local weather is just a few clicks away.

Central Texas weather is controlled predominantly by national frontal systems,so watching these fronts is the best weather predictor.When a front blows down from the northern plains and Canada,Austin usually experiences cooler, drier weather.When a front sweeps from the south and Mexico,Austin usually experiences warmer, wetter weather.There are 7 regional ecosystems in Texas, each with its own weather idosyncracies:Panhandle Plains, Big Bend Country, South Texas Plains, Gulf Coast, Prairie Lakes, Piney Woods,and Hill Country.Austin weather is similar to San Antonio,but not Dallas, Houston, El Paso or other Texas cities.

Current Temperature

Weather Channel Temperature Image

Map courtesy of The Weather Channel.

Surface Radar

Weather Channel Surface Radar

Map courtesy of The Weather Channel.

A Look Out the Window

Oasis On Lake Travis

Lake Travis Cam courtesy of K-XAN Weather - NBC Channel 36



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