The Puppy Page
Hello! We are the hounds.


My name is Mabel. I was born on 2012/05/24. I am such a good dog. I do whatever Mookie and Satchmo do. Then I tease them by jumping on their back. I love to run with the big dogs. I also love to sleep under the bed where no one can see me except my glow-in-the-dark eyes.
Looking Up Looking Up Looking Up Looking Up


Hi, my name is Satchmo! Arriving 2006/12/30, born on 2006/11/02, Satchmo is a big funny choclate lab. He has acquired many names, including Satchie Bo Bo, because he seems to get injured often, and does not seem to even notice it!
Looking Up Close Up Nose Big Eye Running Streak Running Streak Standing Up Satch with Snow

Our Old Friends

Hi, my name is Harriet. I like licking all my friends and going swimming-swimming. My parents also have a lot of nicknames for me including Harriet the Spy, Evil Doer, the Baby Girl, Fish, and Flippy Girl. Most recently I became the Bionic Baby Girl when I received an artificial hip in January 2003. Now I am back to running again.

Hi, my name is Mookie. I like to run like the devil and to gnaw on chew-toys. My parents also have a lot of nicknames for me including Mista Mookie J, the Ladies Man, the Devil, Catfish, and Mista Djibouti. I am so impatient when they park the car and I need to get out.

Mookie Pilgrim Harriet Turkey
Mookie as a Pilgrim Harriet as a Turkey

Some Good Dogs

Some tributes to our friends who have passed away:

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