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Welcome to Dan Becker's Game Site, a personal web site of game information, reviews, and resources. I love games of all kinds, especially board, card, and dice games. My tastes run towards abstract and lightly-themed games with easy rules and tough strategies. Typically a gaming night is a long night filled with fun tales and good cheer. I'm not a strategy expert, and most nights I really don't care who wins, but I do love to sit down try to make best of situations muddled by a turn of the card, a roll of the dice, or the devious plottings of a worthy adversary.

On the left side is a navigation menu for reading the game-related topics. Here is a brief description of each section:

  • Articles - brief articles on topics related to gaming.
  • Quick Views - short descriptions and ideas on games that haven't been reviewed yet.
  • Reviews - critical views of game designs, rules, strategies and production values.
  • Play Data - see what games are popular where I play. See who is winning.
  • Photos - images of people, sessions, and games.
  • Local Games - local sites for games in progress (e.g. Blood Bowl, Diplomacy, etc)
  • Links - links to my favorite game-related sites.

What's New?

Enjoy the site.

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