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Updates and Reader Feedback

Folks, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback I have received over the years regarding my 3D resin Settlers tiles. As many of you know, there is now an official set available from Kosmos that looks suspiciously similar to mine.

Aside from many questions and many offers to buy tiles, I also receive some wonderful pictures of nice sets. Many of them are much nicer than mine. This article highlights some of the nice photos and comments I have received from the readers.

Gerard Boom's Tiles
A low view of Gerard Boom's tiles

Gerard Boom

This set is a resin set constructed by Gerard Boom of the Shifting Lands site. He also has a great article of its contruction. A detailed overview shot of his tiles is shown here.

Not only is his painting superior to mine, but Gerard also made nice more regular hexagons than me. He has a nifty design where all five land tiles are cast with one mold which makes it easier to cast five tiles at once. He has great looking port buttons to randomize the value of the ports. Gerard also has many excellent terrain articles and wonderful models made from Hirst Arts blocks. Great job GeBoom!
Tim Stoner's 3D Settlers Tiles
Tim Stoner's nice Settlers sculpting.

Tim Stoner

Tim Stoner also writes and send photos to show off his sculpting and casting work. He says, "I stumbled across your 3d catan website in February 2005. I thought it was fantastic. I finished my own set today 10 months later (many long breaks). I never tried anything like molding or casting before. I discovered I really enjoyed it."

Tim also says that he has built 5 additional sets for Christmas presents for friends and family. It's great to hear that he has found and tried a new hobby. The results are simply astounding. Tim also provides sage advice in this world of fast food and instant gratification: "While I truly enjoy playing on my 3d Catan, the journey was much more rewarding than the final product." And with that, Tim's handywork stands as a creative milestone, one that he can enjoy for years to come.

Jacob Cord

Jacob Cord's 3D Settlers Tiles
Jacob Cord's Sea of tiles
Jacob Cord's 3D Settlers Gameboard
Jacob Cord's Seafarers Board
"I want to thank you very much for your site about constructing a 3D SOC game board. It inspired me to do the same, and I thought I'd share my pictures with you. I did go all out with this, and really had to push to get it done before Christmas. I created everything you need for a 5-6 player expansion with the Seafarers board, and threw in the Volcano from Das Buch as well. I signed and numbered the volcanoes, as they were the only unique piece in each set."

That certainly is one amazing project you have acheived there Jacob. I certainly would like to be the recipient of one of these sets. Your work looks completely fantastic.

Kevin Sims Part 1

Kevin Sim's 3D Seafarers Tiles
Kevin Sim's Excellent Looking Seafarers Game
Kevin Sim's 3D Settlers Pieces
Kevin Sim's Variety of Pieces, including the Robber
Kevin Sims sent me these photos of his excellent
Settlers and Seafarers themed sets. Notice that he also did a very fine set of pieces, including the robber, the port markers, and the production markers. The sculpts, the hex consistency, and the paint jobs are all excellent. Great job Kevin.
"Oh and thanks for the tips too....pretty much all of the methods I used for my game came from your tutorial on your site."

Kevin Sims Part 2

Kevin Sim's Detail of Isengard themed Settlers hill tile
Kevin Sim's Detail of Isengard-themed Settlers hill tile
Kevin Sim's Lord of the Rings SettlersTiles
Kevin Sim's Excellent Looking Lord of the Rings Themed Settlers Game
Kevin Sims wrote once again to me in January of 2015 to keep us up to date on his Settlers 3D tile hobby. His latest creation is this exquisite
Middle Earth themed set. There are enough tiles to play the standard Settlers game, as well as Seafarers, Cities and Knights, and Traders and Barbarians.

Please visit his site to see all the wonderful sculpts, painting, and photography. It sounds like Kevin's family is getting great use out of his tiles.

"You inspired me to make a 3D settlers of Catan game back in 2007. After 8 years or so, I'm still making a great past time out of the things I've learned from your tutorial. Me and the family have logged over 375 games on our 2 boards."

Jón Stefánsson

Jón Stefánsson's 3D Settlers Tiles
Jón Stefánsson's Excellent Looking Catan Game
Jón Stefánsson's 3D Settlers Pieces
Jón Stefánsson's Variety of Tiles, including numbers from a clock face
Jón Stefánsson sent me these photos (in June of 2008) of his excellent Settlers. Here is a link to his
Flickr account with more photos. re all excellent. Great job Jón.
"A few years back I asked you for tips regarding 3D Settlers of Catan, and you were kind enough to help me... it did take me a whole year to finish (a few hours this week, a couple of hours the next with a few weeks of resting now and then), and I didn't post any pictures until now."

Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt's 3D Settlers Tiles
Peter Schmidt's Excellent Catan Game
Peter Schmidt's 3D Settlers Pieces
Peter Schmidt's Variety of Tiles, including numbers from a clock face
Peter Schmidt sent me these photos (in January of 2010) of his excellent Settlers. Colorful and original. Great job Peter.
"Thank you very much for your detailed 3D Catan Tutorial. It was a HUGE inspiration, mainly because it was so detailed and had all the info I needed"

Chris McNorgan

Chris McNorgan's 3D Settlers Tiles
Chris McNorgan's Excellent Catan Game
ChrisMcNorgan's 3D Settlers Pieces
Chris McNorgan's Tiles in Action
On 2011/03/11, Chris McNorgan wrote to tell me that he would nominate this site the the "Homebrew 3D Catan Repository." He has written some very detailed posts about his home brew set on his blog at
Les Bonnes Choses.

Kathe Sanz

Kathe Sanz's 3D Settlers Tiles
Kathe Sanz's Excellent Catan Game
Kathe Sanz's 3D Settlers Pieces
Kathe Sanz's Variety of Tiles, including some fun inhabitants
On 2011/04/27, Kathe Sanz wrote to thank me and tell me that she has written some nice posts about her homemade Catan set on her blog at
Kathe's Crafting.

If you like miniatures, modelling, and historical battles, you might like Dan Becker's Miniatures Site.

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