Dan Becker's Flight Page

Thanks for visiting Dan Becker's Flight Page, a personal web site with articles on flight. This is a very sparse page which I hope to improve with more content.

I enjoy flying in real-life and on simulators: from accelerating and rolling on takeoff, to performing perfect turns, to seeing the world from above, to buttering a landing in a crosswind. It's fun and exciting.

I also like trip planning, navigation, flight communications, weather, and reading up on airports and places I've never been before.

I've done a bit of real-life flying. I passed my private pilot ground school. I completed about 20 hours of flight school. At this point I do not have my license and am on hiatus, thanks to being busy.

I do most simulator flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane simulators. I've been visiting World Heritage sites, famous cities, all 50 United States, and now the entire world. The hobby keeps getting better since I first tried it in the 1980s.

Here are the my flight articles.

Thanks for visiting.