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Local Game Sites

Follow the links of this page to view local game sites maintained from Dan Becker's Web Page.

Blood Bowl

The Blood Bowl Site contains rules, tournament information, images, and other resources for Games Workshop's Blood Bowl game. Often I play in the New Jersey Swamp Regional Spike Blood Bowl tournament. A group of friends and I run this tournament nearly every year around Christmas holiday time. Our purpose: to hook up with friends, enjoy a drink, talk late into the night, and determine the greatest Blood Bowl team.

Click on the Ghoulie's chainsaw to proceed.


The Diplomacy site site contains rules, game information, and other resources. Visit this site to see our play-by-email games in progress and past historical battles. Or you may jump straight to current and past battles here:

  • July 1999 (completed) - the world war resumes!
  • Spring 1998 (completed) - Victory by Italy and AH. Survival by Germany and France.

Tournament Melee

If you like the MetaGaming microgame Melee, you probably will like to read our Tournament Melee rules and results.

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