Without a doubt, one of our favorite games is Blood Bowl. For several years now, we've had 7 to 10 players take part in out semi-annual Blood Bowl tournaments. A game that sustains so many replays is worthy of praise.

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Often I play in the New Jersey Swamp Regional Spike Blood Bowl tournament.
Year Title Commisioner Tournament Finalists and Placing Tales and Deeds
1997 Spike Tournament 97 - League Standings/Results (requires password) Dan Becker

In progress

League in effect until January 4th, 1998.
1996 Spike Tournament Kevin Mooney
  1. Oakwood Impalers (Wood Elves) (Kevin M.)
  2. The Hohums (Humans) (Val T.)
  3. Mud City Maulers (Orcs) (Dave W.)
  4. The National Park Caretakers (Wood Elves) (Dan B.)
Wonderfully recorded on video tape. Grrreat! Many casualties from heavy drinking.
1996 Chaos Cup Brian Peebles
  1. Chaos (Brian P.)
  2. Chaos (Val T.)
  3. Chaos (Kevin M.)
  4. Chaos (Dave W.)
Points awarded for bludgeoning.
1995 Spike Tournament Kevin Mooney
  1. L.A. Night Voss (Dan B.)
  2. The Necro Nasties (Dave W.)
  3. Rat Bastards (Doug H.)
  4. The Shining Stars (Val T.)
Our first tournament: a beautiful winter affair. Wonderfully recorded on video.
Tournament Results

Tournament Rules

Here are the tournament rules that our league typically follows.

Generate Experienced Characters

This year we are experimenting with the Experienced Character Rules that Jervis Johnson posted to the Blood Bowl mailing lists in June of 1995.

We have created a Java applet that generates Experienced Characters according to Jervis' formula. Build a character at the Experienced Character Generator page.

Newspaper Reports

Following are newspaper accounts of various scrimmages and game events over the years.


Here are a few pictures from the 1996 tournament.

Figure Gallery

Follow this link to scanned images of my hand-painted figures. You may freely use these images for your own pages provided you link back to my page wherever the images appear.

Figure Gallery

Warning, by its nature, this link is graphics-intensive.

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