This page chronicles the Diplomacy Dossier entitled "The World in Flames" The diplomatic struggle begin in May 1998. The World Court is adjucated by League of Nations High Counselor Brian Peebles - his word is law.

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World Political Briefing

The status of the world political situation is given in the news brief below:
Diplomatic Dossier Title League of Nations Counselor Associated Beginning Participants World News
The World in Flames Brian Peebles May, 1998.
  • Queen Victoria - Dave
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II - Paul
  • Tsar Nikolai II - Rob
  • Archduke Ferdinand - Doug
  • President Emile Loubet - Dan
  • Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II - Val
  • King Vittorio Emmanuele III - Kev
A battle of seven nations begun in May, 1998.
Diplomacy Information

Snapshot of the World

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The World Leaders

Kaiser Wilhelm II
Queen Victoria
Sultan Abd-al-Hamid II
Tsar Nikolai II
King Vittorio Emmanuele III
Archduke Ferdinand
President Emile Loubet
The World Leaders

News of the World

Following is commentary on the events of the world.

Fall 1900

The world is at peace. All world powers live in harmony. Neutral and smaller nations enjoy national sovereignty. The industrial revolution brings economic advancement to Europe. The Victorian age is at its peak.

Spring 1901

The powder keg ignites! A four-way power struggle emerges in the Caucasus area. Italy invades Austria-Hungary. Russia and Turkey engulf the Black Sea. Austria-Hungary invades Serbia to punish the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. Queen Victoria bares her breasts to the world.

Fall 1901

Western powers invade the lowland neutral countries of Holland and Belgium. The Nordic countries fall to England and Russia. The Iberian penninsula is forced to speak French as its national language. The world is at war. Oh the humanity of it all!

Spring 1902

Germany pulls a surprise attack on France. Belgium in now in German hands. Russia takes Bulgaria from Turkey. Italy's fleets move to sea.

Fall 1902

Great Britain invades Russia. Russia, A-H, and Italy threaten Turkey. Germany gains ground in France. Germany and Great Britain get builds.

Spring 1903

Germany further drives into France. Germany also snatches up Sweden and retreats into the English countryside. Italy brilliantly convoys into Turkey while performing a friendly swap with Austria-Hungary. Russia races home to defend St. Petersburg, home of the Tsars.

Fall 1903

France is liberated. A big three way attack nearly annihilates the Turks. Germany and Great Britain are woven tightly like fabric, whether they like it or not!

Spring 1904

Italy and Austria-Hungary unite to attack Turkey. France and Germany in stalemate. England attempts to rid her coast of Germany.

Fall 1904

Italy and Austria-Hungary grow to 7 units each. Germany and Russia carefully balance and control the North Sea. France and Germany still in stalemate. England whiters by one unit.

Spring 1905

Austria-Hungary invades Russia. All quiet and stationary on the Western Front. Germany threatened from the south and west.

Fall 1905

Austria-Hungary and Italy are the power house countries with 8 each. France has finally budged Germany from Belgium. Russia is severely weakened by the massive invasion. England is holding well against superior numbers.

Spring 1906

The Russian campagin is going well for Italy and Austri-Hungary. The Western Front is holding steady.

Fall 1906

Italy invades France and Germany. Austria-Hungary embattles Russia. Germany and England and France still at war.

Spring 1907

Austria-Hungary and Italy advance.

Fall 1907

Austria-Hungary and Italy continue their dominance. Italy whittles down France. A-H pummels Russia. France backstabs United Kingdom.

Spring 1908

United Kingdom and Russia are goners. No supply centers left. Italy is in the lead with 12 units, followed closely by A-H with 10. However, there is potential for super-power backstabbing as many supply centers are left open for the taking. France and Germany hover at 5 units a piece.

Fall 1908

United Kingdom and Russia are gone. Italy and Austria Hungary have 12 units. France and Germany have 5 units.

Spring 1909

Italy double-crosses Austria Hungary. Italy gives France a resounding blow by taking two centers. High counselor Peebles chastises world leaders for making stupid moves.


After a protracted battle, some of the later moves which are not described above, it became obvious that the game was drawing to a conclusion. At last count, Italy and Austria-Hungary (in cahouts and running rampant over the world), led the devastation with about 16 supply centers each. Russia was d