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This page contains random pictures from the gaming photo album. If anyone would like to have their picture removed, please let me know.

Halloween - October 31, 2001

Here is a long overdue set of pictures from Russ Williams' RussCon gathering. Every Halloween there is a great costume party, and here are some of the participants. Everyone looks great. Surprisingly, less games were played as everyone stood around and talked and admired everyone else's handy work.
A rare Halloween full moon, first one in 40 years Russ the Zombie shows the normals how to play. I smell brains! A panorama of the crowd and the great costumes Matt groovy, Carly vamping Mindy casting spells Jeffles autoeroticizing Hagbard frequently cut the cards

Games Day - December 29th, 2000

Another year, another Games Day - I wouldn't miss it for the world. Once again a cold day in Dave's basement. Everyone bundled up. Many games were played and many ales were drank.
Dave, Paul, and Val enjoy some Carcassone Camel Jockies ponder oases Much gambling at the Melee tournament A game of 2 shots, one beer

Game Night - October 12, 2000

We had 16 gamers and lots of games on the table. Unfortunately the host and some of the guests made a cozy acquaintance with Bad Apple liquor. This took its deadly toll. However there were lots of laughs and jokes until 2 in the morning.
John, Ed, Russ, Mark, and Marty build castles in Die Gluecksritter Andrew, Marty, Doug, Dan, and Richard enjoy a game of High Society. Note Doug's Bad Apple. Richard, Marty, Jon, Andrew, and Ed make deals in Kohle, Kies, and Knete Dan was wasted, but could still beat Mark, JP, John, Marty and Doug in Medici

Game Night - June 29, 2000

One month to the day of the last game night, we held another game night in the old homestead of Dan Becker. There were about 12 guests and plenty of pizza, munchables, and drink. The crowd was loud, and the games lasted until about 1 a.m..
Theo, Andrew, Ed, and Allen watch the three dimensional Big City take shape Jeff and JP marvel at a difficult jump in Carabande Mark and Dan contemplate pastel camels in Durch die Wueste All vie for mastery of Web of Power

Memorial Day Games Day - May 29, 2000

These photos are from a nice long Game Day held on the Monday holiday. Starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 11 p.m., we played many excellent games. The Rozimareks also cooked up some barbecued hamburgers and spicy bratwursts to go with the numerous side dishes.
Cliff and Mark see 7 year old Kevin play a mean game of Tal der Koenige. Would be civil engineers lay the Streetcar lines in old New Orleans. A closer look at the tangled webs we weave.

Some Heavy Necromunda - May 26, 2000

This set of photos shows the handy work of three friends who are excellent miniature artists. The photos show the world you can create with balsa wood, spare parts, and model railroad junk. Here we see the results of one night's battle at Games Workshop's Necromunda, a game that I own, but have yet to play on any regular basis. According to one friend, it is similar to army men crossed with a board game.

Miniature artistry by Kevin Mooney, Brian Peebles, and Val Thomas. Photography by Val Thomas.
Night at the Necromunda Hive A ganger goes on overwatch Heavy Stubber on patrol

Game Night - May 05, 2000

Game nights were sparse in the first half of the year 2000, due mainly to my procrastination and promises that I would host one once my homemade game table was complete. After the delays and machinations of The World's Slowest Woodworker, I finally completed the table and hosted a Game night.

This night we played several games: Sky Runner, Andromeda, Taj Mahal, Carabande, Big City, and Mamma Mia!
Ed massages the Andromeda randomizer. Mark catches us peering at his cards, Jimmy and Mike look on. Susan sends Taj Mahal opponents JP and Jon to their feet. Jimmy is in hysterics as Jon guzzles his nerve tonic.

Game Night - Jan 20, 2000

A fun night of gaming hosted by Ed Rozmiarek in Round Rock, Texas. That night we played Looping Louie, It's Mine, Stephenson's Rocket, and Vinci. We also were treated to a spectacular total eclipse of the moon.
Ed, Jon, Andrew, Kevin and Susan slam the table in Reiner Knizia's It's Mine. Building rail lines in Reiner Knizia's Stephenson's Rocket. Taking a break to view the total lunar eclipse. Here is the eclipse in partiality (with no telephoto).

Game Night - Dec 1997

Scenes from a mid-winter all-day Games Day.
Bombing each other silly in Nuclear War Enjoying a game of Manhattan Celebratory Game Night Smokies


Food and gaming go well together. What great gaming day is not begun or ended with a visit to a diner or other eating establishment? This is a small ritual of our gaming group that is met with great enthusiasm. Following are several New Jersey Diner pictures before Games Day from years 1997 to the present.
The Glorious Lido Diner Route 22 Diner Devotees Lido Once again Dost though want Ham, Egg, and Cheese? Lido 2001 Lido 2002

Golden Oldies

We've been gaming for a long time. It's fun to look back at some of the games that predate the European Family Strategy Game invasion of the 1990s. Lots of good memories here. Someday I will dig up the Avalon Hill and Microgames of the 1980s.
Lowenherz and good drinks in the dining room, 1997 Blue uniform day at Talisman, 1995 Beer and Pretzels with Wiz War, 1993 Nothing like some vacation and Space Hulk, 1992

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