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August 17, 1989 - August 22, 2002
"It is with great saddness that I report that our dog Bailey died today. Bailey was born on August 17, 1989 and died on August 22, 2002. He was 13 years old.

He will be missed by his Dad, his 5 year old sister Harriet, his 1 year old brother Mookie, and most of all by his Mom. Bailey traveled with Jane throughout his life, coming from New York to Florida, and then Florida to Texas. Throughout his life Bailey protected his family and gave everyone comfort in knowing that the Big Man was guarding the house.

His endearing personality will be missed. Bailey Munster. Old crusty nose, gnarly toes Bailey. Mummy's boy. The Brown Dog. Bailey T. He hopped like a bunny when it was time for dinner. He chirped like a bird if he wanted attention. He took his naps alone in the library - the Fortress of Baileytude. He loved to go for rides in the truck. He loved getting his picture taken. He knew how to speak, shake hands, and give high-fives. Good ole Bailey.

Luckily, he died with grace and dignity. He died in the comfort of his own home. In his own bedroom. Looking out at the birds and the trees in the backyard. He died of liver failure. His liver gave out perhaps a year ago. He had many complications these last 2 months. Two weeks ago he stopped eating. He knew it was his time. He never wimpered or cried in pain. He got his daily hugs and kisses, and always wagged his tail when we got home. He watched TV with us and always made it to the bathroom outside. Today he took a nap in his usual spot while we were at work, and he never woke up.

A year ago he was running. A month ago he was still walking the "Bailey Mile" around the block. Two weeks ago he was walking up and down our street. Yesterday he was drinking from the garden hose.

He did so many wonderful things. He was always Jane's running partner and ran several 20 mile runs while training for the Austin marathon. He and Jane appeared on K-VUE TV on Christmas Day in 1997. He and Harriet were in our wedding wearing their best collars. He taught Harriet his love for swimming. He taught Mookie his love for running. He taught them how to do walkies and how to drink from the sprinklers. His memory lives on in our hearts. We miss that boy dearly. Good ole Bailey."

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