Dan Becker's Ancient Carthaginian 28mm Figures

This article describes Ancient Carthaginian 28mm figures of the Punic War era (218 BCE). They are mostly from Victrix ancient Punic War historical line with a few from Gripping Beast Classical World historical line. The 28mm figures are suitable for use as displays, painting hobbies, and table top wargaming. I intend to use them with the big skirmish game Osprey Publishing's Lion Rampant.

Additionally, this article is more than just the Carthaginians. This article also discusses the Iberians and Numidians who during the Punic Wars were enemies or allies of the Carthaginians. The figures here mostly come from Victrix Carthaginian box set (98400) for the Clash of Spears rule set, but then I wanted some enemies and also and also built the Victrix Iberian box set (98405). Both of these box sets have overlaps (identical sprues) of Baleric slingers and Iberian warriors in tunics. Then I added Victrix Numidians, Citizen infantry, and other sets, as well as some cavalry from Gripping Beast and the numbers swelled. Add that to my last year's builds of the Victrix Gauls and Republican Romans box sets, and you have four groups of "frenemies" who can ally or fight in different combinations.

However first it is time for a battle story. Scroll to read the story and see smaller photos. Click on the photos for a gallery of all the larger images.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the details of these figures and the photographs. These figures were enjoyable to build, and I will certainly be hosting battles between the Carthaginians, the Iberians, the Numidians and last year's builds of the Celts and the Republican Romans. Thanks for reading about my latest miniature figures.