Dan Becker's 28 mm Dark Ages Viking Army

Dark Ages Viking Army
Dark Ages Viking Army
Here are some photos of my 28 mm Viking army.I had completed painting this army earlier this year, and I've had the photos of it for3 months, but for some reason I never published the article until now.Some of the photos and pieces of the army had been published in earlier articles.The army depicts a Viking army of Great Britain circa 800 to 1000 A.D..

Front and center across the horde are 12 cavalry figures.The horsemen are Gripping Beast28 mm miniatures.Behind the horsemen are several units of figures based on 20 mm circular bases and grouped intolarger formations of 5 by 5 or 4 by 4.Directly behind the horsemen are 25 heavy hirdmen in mail armor.They carry battle axes and swords.On the left and right of the hirdmen are units of 25 bondirs.They have leather armor and have swords and spears and shieldsBehind these 3 units are 3 more units of 16 men each.They are either lesser bondir or thralls.In the back left are 16 thralls with axes. In the center are 16 bowmen.And on the right are more thralls with axes.All together about 125 infantry and 12 cavalry.

The 12 horsemen of the apocalypse
The 12 horsemen of the apocalypse
Here are the twelve horsemen riding in formation.This earlier article discusses how I paintedand finished them.

Vikings raid a village
Vikings Raid a Village
This earlier article shows how I finished the Viking bondirs and how theyattacked and pillaged a small farming village.

Thanks for reading about my 28 mm Vikings.More miniatures and scenery photos are located at the Miniatures section.Hopefully soon there will be a battle of these Vikingsand the evil Saxons who very much dislike each other.

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