Dan Becker's Reaper Bones 28mm Fantasy Miniatures

This article describes making and painting a set of Reaper Bones 28mm fantasy miniatures. The Reaper Bones miniatures are a line of inexpensive soft plastic (poly-vinyl-chloride or PVC) sculpted by many different artists. The minis can be used with any fantasy battle or dungeon-crawl game. I intend to use them with Steve Jackson Games The Fantasy Trip adventures.

Click on the photos below to see a gallery of larger images.

Reaper Bones Miniatures

Thanks for reading about my Reaper Bones miniatures. For this article I revamped my usual "photo and description" page. This article uses a photo gallery browser from PhotoSwipe. I like this photo browser, as it allows you to spin through just the photos alone, and it has support for mouse, keyboard, and phone gestures. I also updated my normal HTML and CSS style to use a more modern layout. You will see the text and photo sizes are responsive to your browser sizing. Let me know if you see any issues with a particular browser or device.

Coming up soon, some cavalry units and more hex tiles and terrain. Thanks again.

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