Dan Becker's Lion Rampant Game (Arthurians vs Goths)

For the last several miniatures articles, I've been painting Victrix Ltd 28mm Late Roman figures in Arthurian, Goth, and Byzantine styles. I made units of cavalry, armored and unarmored infantry, and archers.

This article describes a battle of Arthurians versus Goths using the Lion Rampant rules from Osprey Games. The rules model leadership, movement, attack/defense/shooting, armor, and courage. Some units have special attributes like wild charge or shieldwall. This rule set is fun because rather than "I move all units/you move all units" the turn could end at any time if you fail an activation role (typically 6 or more on two dice).

Also, facing does not matter so there is no need for wheeling or formation or precise measuring. You just move blobs of minis, er I mean units, around the battle. Keep the unit figures close together and the units at least 3 inches apart (although some people use one inch unit spacing).

Scroll to read the story and see smaller photos. Click on the photos for a gallery of all the larger images.

For the rest of the battle, it continued downhill for the the Arthurians. The battle concluded with the Goths winning the game 5 victory points to 2!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the details of these figures and getting a flavor of the Lion Rampant second edition rules. They certainly are fun to use with medieval period, big battle skirmish games. I will be painting miniatures and playing more battles in the future. Thanks for reading about my latest miniature figures.