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Reader Contributions

Folks, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful comments and feedback I have received over the years regarding my miniatures, terrain, and photos

Aside from many questions and many offers to buy things, I also receive some wonderful pictures of nice projects. Many of them are much nicer than mine. This article highlights some of the nice photos and comments I have received from the readers.

David Branyan's Dice Tower David Branyan's Dice Tower
Several views of David Branyan's dice tower.

David Branyan

Pictured here is a six inch diameter dice tower by David Branyan. He uses the Hirst Arts silicone molds and plaster to build his multi-story randomizer. The base is nicely done with miniature terrain.

Additionally, David has constructed a nice hardwood varnished box to transport this work of art. Great job. It is beautiful.

David states: "Hey Dan. My brother told me about dice towers and so I decided I'd make him one for his birthday. I saw a pic of yours and said "That's COOL!" So I followed your advice and ordered the casting mold but I went for the 6" instead of the 4". I'm pleased with the turn out, thanks for posting and sharing. I built a cherry and walnut wooden carrying case with a little scenery from Hobby Lobby on the underside of the lid. Thanks again for the inspiration!"

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