Dan Becker's Perry Miniatures 28mm Horse Miniatures

This article describes making and painting a batch of Perry Miniatures 28mm horse miniatures. These figures are hard polystyrene plastic figures with varying head, weapons, and armor. You can make them bow, crossbow, lance, or sword figures.

Two boxes of 12 horsemen are shown here, the "WR 60 Light Cavalry 1450-1500" which tend to have leather armor and no horse armor and the "WR 40 Mounted Men at Arms 1450-1500" which are the fully armored warriors with lots of horse armor. Although these figures are historical, I will use them in my fantasy skirmish battles whenever I need mounted skirmishers or heavy knights.

There are two photos of each group of miniatures, some galloping to the left and others galloping to the right. I use these photos as reference photos when I do not have miniatures handy to jog my memory. Click on the photos below to see a gallery of larger images.

Perry Miniatures 28 mm Horse Miniatures

Thanks for reading about my Perry Miniatures 28 mm horse miniatures. Coming up soon, some terrain and a battle report using these figures. Thanks again.

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