Dan Becker's Vallejo Xpress Color Swatches

This article describes a new line of paints from Vallejo Acrylicos called Vallejo Xpress Colors. This article shows both the original line of 24 XPress paints and the 36 Xpress paint expansion for a total of 60 Vallejo Xpress colors.

Xpress paints are a new type of acrylic paint that are becoming very popular in the miniature painting hobby world. They are thin paints, similar to inks or washes, that have a very strong medium that pulls the pigment off the high spots and into the low spots. The result is a quick paint job that automatically highlights and lowlights the surface. Similar paints include Citadel Contrast Colors, ArmyPainter Speed Paints, Dr. Ph. Martens inks, or Liquitex inks.

I love to try out new paints, so one of the first things I do when I get a new set is to make a paint swatch board. This lets me test the paint and allows me to arrange the swatches in a way that makes sense to me. It also let's me reference the colors and quickly find a light or darker variation or warmer or cooler similar color.

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I hope you enjoyed seeing the details of these paint swatches. In summary this Vallejo Xpress Color XP expansion range of 36 colors of 2024 is the perfect extensiont to their original line of 24 colors of 2023. I would say if you are a fantasy minis painter or an accomplished paint mixer, the original set will do well, but if you want the variety and convenience of more historical colors pick up the entire set or new variations in the XP line. Thanks for reading about my latest miniature painting hobby.