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Welcome to Dan Becker's Guitars and Music Site, a personal web site with articles on playing the guitar, music theory, guitar chords and scales, performances, technical investigations, and helpful hints. This site has sections on Music Charts, Demo Performances, and various amplifier articles. Navigations buttons on the left side will take you there also.

I never was a dedicated musician when I was younger. I did play accordion, trumpet, and I sang occasionally. All that changed late in 2007 when my wife gave me a beginner electric guitar for Christmas, a Paul Westerberg model First Act. I learned my first three open chords and suddenly I was playing The Beatles, Buddy Holly, and lots of pop classics. Together with friends who were learning as well, there were many nights of playing and drinking.

After simple beginnings, I learned many more chords. Then I tackled scales. I bought many books, and as usual for me, I made lots of charts and notes to help me remember what I studied. Then I opened up my amplifiers and started digging around in there. Since I shared my charts and my notes with my friends, I decided I might as well share them with everyone, so I created this page for you. My thanks to the many instructors and authors who made learning the guitar, amplifiers, and music theory so much fun.

Music Charts Quick List

Music theory charts with details and explanations are on the Music Charts page. Here is a quick list of the charts available on that page.


Here is a list of the latest performances. More media and more detailed stories are available on the Performances page.


Here are my other articles related to music, guitars, and amplifiers:

If you like these articles on guitars and music, and you find a site that might be helpful in explaining how the guitar or music works, please send it to me, and I will share it with all the readers.

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