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Dan Becker's Miniatures and Models Site - 15mm and DBA Armies

This page contains a links to articles on 15 mm figures and armies painted for the miniatures game De Bellis Antiquitatis. Click on an image to view more information about an army.

Early Franks
II/72 Early Franks (added 2003/12/10)
II/81 Romano-British (added 2004/02/15)
Rus Command
III/48 Rus (added 2004/03/31)
Polynesian Boat
IV/12 Polnesians (added 2004/05/22)
Guinness Barker Marker
Various Barker Makers (added 2004/07/18)
Tiki Wars Rules
Tiki Wars Rules (added 2004/08/22)
Teutonic Order Army
IV/30 Teutonic Order Army (added 2004/10/24)
Ancient British Army
II/53 Ancient British Army (added 2005/01/23)
Early Imperial Roman Army
II/56 Early Imperial Roman Army (added 2005/03/31)
Baggage Ox Carts
Camps and Baggage (added 2005/05/22)
Also read "How to paint Battle Cry figures" - useful painting tips and hints for Hasbro's fun board strategy game. Other 15mm figures are listed on the Britannia pages. Thanks for stopping by and reading about my figures.

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