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Following is a preview of a set of miniatures I am painting for a deluxe edition of the board game Britannia by Lewis Pulsipher. The game depicts the military history of Great Britain from the 1st century A.D. until 1066 A.D.. Over 17 civilizations are featured in the game including Belgae, Norse, Romans, Saxons, Welsh, Danes, Anglos, Scots, and Normans. The game has been published by Gibson's Games and Avalon Hill and more information is available at The Board Game Geek.

My miniatures version of the game will feature a 4 warrior unit for each of the approximately 196 counters in the game. The population marker will be represented by a unit with a banner. The board will be represented by a full-color, 1.9 by 1.3 meter (6 by 4 foot) map of Ancient Britain (ISBN 031929028X) published by the British Ordnance Survey and available at Stanford's. At the rate I am painting, it will take another 2 years before the game is complete, but what the heck, time is what hobbies are for.

This table recommends specific Old Glory 15mm figures to use. Click on photos for links to articles I have written on completed figures.

(Dark = completed. Light = started.)
Romans Example figure 15  25 fortsIR1 Early Imperial Roman Command, IR3 Legionaires 1st to 2nd AD
Romano-British 8 21ArthurGL4 Gallic Warrior in mail, GL9 Gallic Chariot
Belgae Example figure 10   GR2 Early German Warriors
Welsh Example figure 13   VS2 Gothic Infantry
Brigantes Example figure 14 2Cunedda, UrienPC2 Pict Warriors, PC3 Archers/Javelin, PC4 Cav
Picts Example figure 13   PC1 Pict Command, PC2 Pict Warriors
Caledonians 6   PC3 Pict Archers/Javelin
Irish 8   SI1 Scots-Irish Warriors w/Command
Scots 12 1FergusSI1 Scots-Irish Warriors w/Command
Norse Example figure 10   VK4 Viking Swordsmen/Axemen
Dubliners 9   SE6 Sea Peoples Wesh Wesh
Danes 18 2Brothers, Sweyn/CanuteVK1 Viking Command, VK3 Spearmen, VK5 Archers, Beserkers
Jutes 5   GL3 Gallic Warrior in tunic
Norwegians 12 1Harald HardradaVK1 Viking Command, VK2 Huskarls
Saxons 20 5Hengist, Egbert, Alfred, Edgar, HaroldSX1 Saxon Command, SX4 Saxon Frydmen - Sword
Angles 15 2Oswiu, OffaMG1 German Command, MG3 German Heavy Infantry
Normans 841WilliamNO2 Norman Knights, NO5 Norman Infantry
Totals 196616  

Other Britannia-related articles include:

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my figures.
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