Computer Science Projects

Here in no particular order or organization are some of my computer science projects from my Master of Science in Computer Science at University of Miami.

I was graduated summa cum laude in December of 1995. I am glad to close this chapter in my life and get back my leisure time of training, reading, and playing games. I recommend with all my heart a Master of Science degree for anyone who likes to work on solo computer projects 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.

My undergraduate degree is from Lehigh University (BSEE '84).

Pretty Pictures- Spring 95

In Advanced Graphics we studied ray tracing, radiosity, and other photo-realistic techniques for computers. Of course, we may think this is photo-realistic, but in ten years we will all be laughing about the image quality. (Original images are 1024 by 1024 by 24 bit color. Very nice to see.)

View the graphics intensive ray trace page.

Find the Bear - Spring 95

In Multimedia, otherwise known as self-flagellation, we wrote lots of tools to manipulate sounds and images. This page demonstrates color edge detection and shows the value of detecting edges in all three color channels versus one gray scal channel. Conclusion: despite having three times the information, color edge detection does not work three times as well.

Run, Bike, Swim - Spring 94

In Numerical Methods, we looked at numbers - lots of them. The professor wrote lots of numbers on the board in the class room. We squinted hard to see his tiny numbers. We wrote numbers down in our notebooks on numbered pages. We swapped diskettes full of numbers. We sent each other numbers over the Internet. We read them in, and we printed them out. We complained about each others numbers.

View the graphs of swim, bike, and run difficulties.

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