Trail Information - Edward's Park


This is a section of single track that you can Edward's Park on Spicewood Springs Road. If entering from Edwards Park, go down the hill towards Bull Creek and you will see a few trails heading up the hill on the other side. Bear to the extreme right to follow the Edward's Park trails. If you bear left you go up the Jester mountain trail and eventually meet the Bull Creek High Ridge Trails.

This is a tricky area to bike because of the Texas Warbler Habitat and the private property encroachment on all sides of the preserve. There is no need to cross fence lines. There are plenty of trails in the public areas surrounding Edwards Park.

Fun Factor

The trail is extremely narrow and follows a cliff precipice above Bull Creek. The drop over the edge into the Creek is about 50 feet, toss a rock to measure the distance. If you are a novice bike, I advise you to walk the bike on the narrow sections. Avoid this trail on muddy days.

The network of trails goes off into the wilderness, eventually bordered by power lines, ranches and other private property.

There are some climbs that require expert level technical skill, aerobic capacity and strength to climb.

Biking Skill Requirements

requiring balance, hopping, pogo-action, traction control, or other bike-handling skills.
requiring sustained heart rates and a high lung capacity.
requiring leg power and upper body development.
Level ground - -
Descents -


Enter Edward's Park, west 2 miles on old Spicewood Springs Road to St. Edward's Park on left, or

Back of Jester Estates, Follow Jester Blvd to its end.


6 miles of networked deer trails, hiking trails, stream beds, mostly single track.


80% rocky limestone with exposed bolders, shelves, and ledges. 20% hard packed dirt.

The trails at the foot of the mountain wind along Bull Creek. During the summer months, Bull Creek can be forded by bike. During winter and spring, the Creek is extremely cold and deeper than the bottom bracket in most sections.


One 200 foot mountain.

Environmental Concerns

  1. Erosion sensitive - do not lock your tires on descents. Be adventurous and pick a new line.
  2. Extremely sensitive Texas Warbler Habitat - do not cross fences!
  3. Private property encroachment - do not cross fences!

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