I enjoy photography and videography.I am an avid shutterbug and rarely do you see me at a social event or race without my camera.I enjoy snapshots and day-in-the-life photography the most.If my house weres on fire, the snapshot collection would be the only material thing I would attempt to rescue.

I enjoy making mini-movies and video postcards forfriends and family.The mini-movies are usually humorous in nature.The other short pieces are documentaries ofroad trips, triathlons, or vacations.I edit and dub the movies to make them asshort and as interesting as possible.


AVI file, Indeo 4.4 codec, 1.8 MB

Here are a few peeks at videos I have made.Click on the picture to view a video.

Release in Christmas 1999...

G.I. Joe Kicks Action Man's Butt

Some have compared it to Saving Private Ryan for its incrediblebattle scene cinematography. Others have compared it to ABridge Too Far for its enormous cast and spectacular use of pyrotechnics.If you are a fan of miniaturized combat footage,backyard destruction, pyrotechnics, and just good, old-fashioned, "blowing stuff up", this film is for you.

Me, 27 November 1998, Emma Long Park, Austin, Texas.
AVI File, Cinepak CODEC, 1.0 MB

Technically not an endo, but it sure is funny to see howstationary cyclists fall over when they cannot unclip.Listen closely, you can hear my body thud as it hits.Brien's cackling laugh is worth the price of admission!
Brien Muschett and Allen Ramlow, 03 May 1997, Forest Ridge, Austin, Texas.
Click on the image to view GIF movie (1.3 MB).

A beautiful path-blocking bail-out by Brien leaves Allenwith no choice but to become one with the nearest tree.

Mr. Evil Meets His Death.
Click on the image to view GIF movie (156 kB).

Nothing but death and destruction for this man.However, his demise is the result of his own misdeeds.Luckily his threat to the G.I. Joe naton is ended.

Mad Dog Attack!
Click on the image to view GIF movie (581 kB).

This Jamoke likes nothing better than to chew on the lense ofa camera.

Robert the Hawk Creating Mischief
Click on the image to view GIF movie (1.2 MB).

At the bidding of his evil master, Cedric the Griffon,Robert the Hawk tips the tide of balance.This scurvy knave thinks nothing or slicinga tendon with his daggeror slitting the throat of a lady in waiting.

Hill Country Motorcycling
Click on the image to view GIF movie (214 kB).

Central Texas is renowned throughout the Southwestfor its scenic hills, lakes, and roads:in other words, it's motorcycle heaven!See our bikes fly through the pavement.

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