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Nestled deep within City Park in west Austin, Emma Long is one of the better intermediate to advanced parks in town. A gutsy and intimidating sign proclaims at the first ascent, "If you feel uncomfortable with this hill, you will not enjoy the Emma Long Main Loop." If you are a new-comer to mountain biking, or have no experience with boulders and ledges, you might want to steer clear of this park.

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It is interesting that different mountain bikers assign different difficulty levels to Emma Long. I would rate Emma Long as advanced, but you really only need a few skills to make it easy: one, you need good ledge climbing skills, and two, you need good ledge descent skills. If you can ride up and down staircases, you should have no problem at Emma Long.

Others are often incredulous that Emma Long isn't rated "the absolute toughest ride." Let's face it, there are no long climbs (like the Hill of Life at Baton Creek), and there are not many skree covered ascents or descents. The course is usually bone dry and not much mud is likely. There are occasional stretches of Juniper covered canopy, but in summer, this park is hot.

But all arguing aside, Emma Long is compact and one nearly endless series of ups and downs, lefts and rights. The Main Loop is 5.5 miles, and you will be tired after one loop. Two loops are twice as fun. Go for it.

Fun Factor

Very high. The park is compact and consists of one stunt after another. The big ledges near the parking lot are useful to try to launch into space and get air. Bring your video cameras.

Biking Skill Requirements

requiring balance, hopping, pogo-action, traction control, or other bike-handling skills.
requiring sustained heart rates and a high lung capacity.
requiring leg power and upper body development.
Ascents - -
Level ground
Descents - -


  1. Head to City Park Road, off of R.M. 2222, west of Loop 360, east of F.M. 620.
  2. Head south on City Park Road.
  3. After 2 miles of twisties, head east on Oak Shores Road.
  4. Turn into the parking lot at "Emma Long Motorcycle Park."


5.5 miles of networked trails, mostly single track and worn deer trails.


80% rocky limestone with exposed bolders, shelves, and ledges. 20% hard packed dirt. A few stream beds, usually dry.


Ups and downs but no significant climbs or descents.

Environmental Concerns

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