Trail Information - Barton Creek Greenbelt


A set of trails along Barton Creek Springs in downtown Austin. The trail is considered by many to be the granddaddy of mountain biking trails in Austin. This is the yardstick trail that most Austin mountain bikers can relate to: "About half as long as Barton Creek," "About as technical as Barton Creek," or "Much more rocky than Barton Creek." Although there are many parallel trails, the route is basically out-and-back with mile markers every 0.25 miles along the trail.

Fun Factor

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Because of the level surface, this is a great trail to bring visitors and mountain biking newcomers. Newcomers should walk some of the rocky descents and stream crossings.

One fun challenge is to complete the "Hill of Life" with no rests and no dabs. No rests mean you have achieved aerobic proficiency. No dabs means you have achieved bike-handling proficiency.

Biking Skill Requirements

requiring balance, hopping, pogo-action, traction control, or other bike-handling skills.
requiring sustained heart rates and a high lung capacity.
requiring leg power and upper body development.
Ascents - -
Level ground - -
Descents - -


Near Town Lake, in Zilker Park, in downtown Austin


7.25 miles of single track with mile markers.

There are multiple parallel trails along both sides of the creek.


70% hard packed dirt, 25% exposed limestone bolders, 5% stream crossings and river beds.


Flat with one 150 foot hill at mile marker 7.25, the "Hill of Life."

Environmental Concerns

  1. Sensitive to erosion - do not bike after rains.
  2. Vegetation degredation - honor fences and signed areas.

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