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I think that I shall never see, a thing as clumsy as thee - the endo! Forget about expensive fancy pants bike shenanigans, we want endos! You don't need a super bike, you don't need to be in the foothills of Moab, you don't need perfect weather: all you need to do is to put your weight far forward, clamp on that front brake or hit some immobile obstacle, and pretty soon, man, you're superman.

How to do an Endo

  1. Look for steep downhill or near vertical descent.
  2. Put your weight forward over the bars.
  3. Apply front brake only.
  4. Aim front wheel for rock, root, riding partner or other immobile object.
  5. Unclip from pedals as late as possible.

Endo Footage

Me, 27 November 1998, Emma Long Park, Austin, Texas.
AVI File, Cinepak CODEC, 1.0 MB

Technically not an endo, but it sure is funny to see how stationary cyclists fall over when they cannot unclip. Listen closely, you can hear my body thud as it hits. Brien's cackling laugh is worth the price of admission!

Brien Muschett and Allen Ramlow, 03 May 1997, Forest Ridge, Austin, Texas.
Animated GIF, 1.3 MB

A beautiful path-blocking bail-out by Brien leaves Allen with no choice but to become one with the nearest tree.

Me, 03 May 1997, Forest Ridge, Austin, Texas.
Animated GIF, 1.3 MB

Like a pole vaulter, a perfect plant of the front wheel leads to game of hopscotch with the handlebars.

Ode to an Endo

Suddenly, I see my bike not.
   Why has gravity lost its embrace?
Unfettered, my feet leave the pedals,
   my hands leave the bars.
Land and trail are distant in my view,
   the forest floor becomes tiny in my sight.
All sound is lost save the wind rushing through my hair,
   whistling through my helmet.
What is this? I am horizontal 
   traversing the heavens, not rooted, not earthly bound.

Alas, that tree is speeding toward me,
   I cannot change my vector.
Those rocks do become acquainted with my knees,
   my head cannot bear the weight of my body.
Yet I know the pleasures of Superman,
   I know what it is to soar.

First Aid for Endos

  1. Remove rocks, debris, and other deteris.
  2. Cleanse the wound with anti-bacterial soap.
  3. Cover the wound if riding or wearing clothing.
  4. Uncover the wound to allow drying and scab formation.

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