I have been motorcycling for 20 years. Currently, I own a Suzuki Bandit, which I bought in September of 1995. You can read a review of the Bandit courtesy of the reviewers at Motorcycle Online.

My inspiration is my father who has been riding motorcycles since the 1940's. He owns three motorcycles, of which his favorite is a Kawasaki 900. During my college years when I did not own a motorcycle, I gladly rode his. Often, we rode together in the Watchung mountains of New Jersey.

Hill Country Tours

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This page contains road trips in Hill Country and the areas around Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

The roads have been extensively travelled and tested by our crew. Hours of painstaking research and gallons of gasoline have been poured into this difficult research.

A Big Trip

Read all about a motorcycle journey from Austin, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada, 22 June 1996 to 30 June 1996.

Brien's Bike

Read all about my roommate Brien's red screaming joy toy.

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