Dan Becker's Mexican Mariachi and Civilian 28mm Figures

This article describes Mexican mariachi and civilian figures in traditional attire from the nineteenth century. The 28mm figures are from Brigade Games (sculpted by Matthew Bickley) for use as displays, and table top wargaming.

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Mexicans civilians
Mexicans civilians
Here are Mexican civilians from the nineteen century at a very festive occasion. The mariachi musicians and dancer perform in the center. The ladies and gentlemen surround the performance.

These figures are sold in groups of four.

There is also a Mexican household gear (bg-bhmex65-household-gear) and a tax collector set (bg-bhmex63-tax-collector-set).

Sorry about the simple background and bases. I painted photographed these while away on vacation and did not have access to my usual modeling materials.

Mexicans civilians
Mexican civilians
Here is a another view of the performance and the spectators.

These figures are painted with Army Painter Speedpaints which are acrylic inks that are more saturated in the low levels of the model and less saturated on the high levels. Then the details of the model are highlighted with standard model acyrlics such as Army Painter Warpaints.

The bases are metallic flat washers with some spackle texture on them to hide the mini bases. I did not have some of the rather nice molded bases, so I painted these to resemble terra cotta tile.

Mexicans mariachis
Mexican mariachis
Here is the Mexican mariachi band (bg-bhmex62-mariachi-band) from Brigade Games. The stripes on the shawls and the flower embroidery on the red dress are standard model acrylics.
Mexicans gentlemen
Mexican gentlemen
Here are Mexican gentlemen (bg-bhmex60-male-civilians). The disinguished caballeros on the ends are in their finest suits. The hombre with the pancho is modeled after the pancho of Clint Eastwood "A Fistful of Dollars". The seƱor with the bottle looks a bit more interested in drinking.
Mexicans civilians
Mexican ladies
Here are Mexican ladies (bg-bhmex61-female-civilians). They were a bit involved because of all the fancy textiles, although it did allow me to used some of my more fancy paint colors. The one woman in black is either an old matron, or perhaps she is in mourning.

Thanks for reading about my latest miniature figures. I hope you enjoyed seeing the details of these figures and the photographs.