The applet below helps you select color swatches. The top half of the applet shows the current color swatch on the left and several lists of color names on the right. The best matching colors from the Netscape color name set and the X11 color name set are displayed. You can click on the matching color names to change the current color swatch.

The bottom half of the applet shows common red, green blue, sliders and entry fields for changing the current color. Adjust the sliders or the entry fields and watch the swatches at the top half of the screen change.

In the center of the applet are two RGB color cube projections as viewed from infinity toward the origin. The left image shows the lower faces of the color cube. The right image shows the upper faces of the color cube. The cursors on the cubes shows the position of the current color swatch within the three dimensional space of the color cube.

To the right of the color cubes is a control that changes the color in the hue, saturation, and brightness (HSB) axes. You change the hue by clicking outside of the square in the center of the control. You change the saturation and brightness by clicking an x and y point in the center square of the control. Two cursors mark the current color in the HSB color space.

Just below the color cubes and above the sliders is a color bar which you may click to set the current color. Otherwise, the color bar shows the current color as a cross shaped cursor on the bar. The color bar shows a range of color hues along its width. The top half of the bar varies the brightness of the hue and the bottom half varies the color saturation.

This applet is best demonstrated in a 24 bit color space. If your display supports fewer colors, swatches with different values may appear to have the same color. The color cubes and color bars may also appeared dithered with funny patterns rather than the smooth progression of color you get with a true color graphics card.

Your browser does not support Java.
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