The Ale Knights - DrunkSpotting II
Night night

Hello, oh AleKnights! Once again it is time for another DrunkSpotting expedition.

As you know, drinking is a strenuous activity, and in the course of a night, it is tough not take respite from the rigors of imbibery by catching a short nap. But beware AleKnight, like Rip Van Winkle, you may wake up in a different time and place, and you may not bear the same youthful countenance with which you entered the Land of Nod.

Here we see Sir Barley Friend catching 40 winks. As these photos from Sir Valiant show, all sorts of nasties can grow upon one's body as you sleep. Notice the dog toy. Notice the cigar. Notice the liquor which Sir Barley Friend has consumed set before him.

Night night This reverse angle shows Sir Barley Friend once again catching some ZZZZs. Apparently he has been crying, but he fell asleep as he applied the tissues to his eyes. Look at all of Sir Barley Friend's wonderous toys. Toys and beers and liquor and Ole Grand Dad!

So folks, be careful out there. Take you nap in a safe place, and when possible, always have your fellow Ale Knights watch over your golden slumbers.

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