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Hello! We are the hounds.

A New Baby - Satchmo!

Hi, my name is Satchmo! Arriving 2006/12/30, a new 8 week old chocolate lab has joined the family. This brave little boy is excited to see Harriet and Mookie, but those two are confused by this little tyke entering their perfect world.
Looking Up Close Up Nose Big Eye Running Streak Running Streak Standing Up Satch with Snow

Our Old Friends

Hi, my name is Harriet. I like licking all my friends and going swimming-swimming. My parents also have a lot of nicknames for me including Harriet the Spy, Evil Doer, the Baby Girl, Fish, and Flippy Girl. Most recently I became the Bionic Baby Girl when I received an artificial hip in January 2003. Now I am back to running again.

Hi, my name is Mookie. I like to run like the devil and to gnaw on chew-toys. My parents also have a lot of nicknames for me including Mista Mookie J, the Ladies Man, the Devil, Catfish, and Mista Djibouti. I am so impatient when they park the car and I need to get out.

Mookie Pilgrim Harriet Turkey
Mookie as a Pilgrim Harriet as a Turkey

Some Photos

This page features a random set of photos from my photo album. Click on the image to view a larger version of the image. The page numbers below the photos navigate to the next page. There are 24 photos available for display.

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Bailey looking alert and wanting food Bailey dressed as ET
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Some Good Dogs

Some tributes to our friends who have passed away:

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