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Game Scores - Query

Purpose: Show the player finishing results in a selected set of dates and games.

Select dates, game names, and player names for the report.The date range defaults to the current year, butyou may change or omit from and to dates for a different date range.If games or players are chosen, they are usedto limit the results of the list.If no game or player is chosen, all will be selected.Press the "Face-to-Face" button to select onlygames in which ALL selected players participated (normallygames are selected in which ANY selected player participated).Press the "Show Wins" button if you would like theresults table to have wins by the selected player(s) highlighted.

Example: Show the results of Lost Cities and Schotten Totten games in the current year.

  1. Select Lost Cities in the Games list.
  2. Ctrl select Schotten Totten in the Games list.
  3. Press Submit.

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